Business Strategy


Your strategy should be designed as a reflection of you and your business: your vision, your mission, your culture and your goals. It's the framework that builds a solid foundation and road map for growth and success. 

We'll take a snapshot of where you are now, look at the strategy you have in place and outline how it relates to your big picture vision. We then pin point what is, or is not, working and design a custom blueprint that guides you to the results you’d like to achieve.

  • Market Research and Competitive Analysis

  • Vision Clarity and Definition

  • Market Expansion planning

  • Investment Funding documents

  • Business Plan revision


Brand Positioning


A brand is so much more than a logo. It's an overall image that comes to mind when people think of you or your business. It's a voice and a signature style that is consistent, on everything your business touches.

Whether you're starting a new business, launching a product or positioning an evolving brand, we'll help you clearly define your identity- an image that encompasses your culture and fully reflects the authentic you. Once you have clarity, we help you with positioning it in a way that achieves the best results.

  • Business Image & Brand Identity

  • Promotional Marketing plans

  • PR/Media Strategy

  • Interactive Digital Strategy

  • Content Development

KJ coaching and training

Consulting & Advisory


On every level we aim for exceptional. While we work with you to transform your growth strategy or brand positioning, we'll look at what's best for your business or industry niche and develop the avenues that will capture the most attention and make the biggest impact. 

From helping you create a brand new identity to guiding you through a strategy implementation, the KJ team specializes in uncovering your authentic side, centering your strategy around your vision and presenting your business in a way that leaves an impression.

  • On-going advisory consulting

  • One day strategy sessions

  • Entrepreneur workshops

Contact KJ to schedule your discovery session and find out how our team can help take your business to the next level.